In developing countries live the poorest of the poor. But there are children living in these communities whose fate is even worse. They are children with hearing difficulties. Children who hear poorly are cut off from even the most basic information - information which is absolutely necessary in the daily battle for survival.

The Right to Hear Foundation is a small, efficient foundation; every donation reaches its target undiminished. The board of trustees guarantees this, together with its principal sponsors such as Andy Rihs, Hans-Ueli Rihs, Phonak AG and many others.


Minimal administration, maximum effect

The Right to Hear Foundation works with an absolute minimum of administrative costs. Where necessary these are covered by the founders. Donations are used 100% for the specific purpose for which they are donated.


Account details:

Account name: Right to Hear Foundation
Bank: CREDIT SUISSE, Postfach 4879, 8070 Zurich, Switzerland
IBAN: CH38 0483 5096 8378 0100 0