Chenin Blanc

The Chenin Blanc is probably one of the most versatile and fascinating white grape varieties. With a bouquet of citrus and tropical fruits, the wine is already persuasive in the glass. On the palate it is perfectly balanced with a maximum of erotic freshness.

Can be served with the following dishes: Ape?ro; light fish and meat dishes


A remarkable chardonnay, aged for 10 months in French oak barrels, perfectly harmonising the typical barrique aromas with caramel, vanilla and fruity pear and peach notes.

Recommended to accompany the following dishes: smoked salmon, crustacea, grilled fish, poultry, veal, cheese

100% chardonnay

Sauvignon Blanc

Tropical fruit aromas characterise this outstanding sauvignon blanc. Harmonised from nose to palate, its acidity gives this sauvignon blanc an exotic freshness.

DELAIRE Sauvignon Blanc 2009 wins Top 10 Award
The DELAIRE Sauvignon Blanc 2009 was awarded the top score with 5 stars in The Wine Magazine's 2009 Top 10 Challenge. A sauvignon blanc has been awarded 5 stars only 5 times in the 16 years since these awards began. The unparalleled quality of this white wine was only possible with the latest technology, the skills and experience of the expert winemaker Morné Vrey, and the exceptional climate at this altitude.

Other awards: Michelangelo Awards 2006 - Silver Medal

Recommended to accompany the following dishes: canapés, seafood, pasta, Asian and vegetarian dishes

Grape: 92% sauvignon blanc, 8% semillon


The top vine of Delaire.
This botmaskop is only produced in years with outstanding grape quality. The Delaire Botmaskop 2008 is a beautiful Bordeaux style blend with classical aromas of dark berry fruit, spice and cassis.

After basket pressing the wine, it went into French Oak barrels where malolactic fermentation took place. The wine matured in these barrels for a further 12 months, resulting in a powerful, yet elegant red wine.

Recommended to accompany the following dishes: grilled crustacea, fish, meat and cheese

65% cabernet sauvignon
8% merlot
3% malbec
11% petit verdot
13% cabernet franc
2% malbec

Delaire RED

This Bordeaux blend is aged in French oak barrels for 18 months. The result is a dark berry harmony, perfected with nutty-ripe tannins.

Recommended to accompany the following dishes: beef, lamb and pasta

Grapes: 63% cabernet sauvignon 21% merlot 6% cabernet franc 10% malbec


Pepper notes underlie the depth of this artful shiraz. The exotic fruit aromas reflect the integrity on the palate and contribute to a long-lasting finish.

Recommended to accompany the following dishes: lamb, beef, duck, cheese

100% shiraz


The skilful blend of white and red grapes lends this wine a hint of African sunset. The intense rose hue and the ripe fruit aromas make it an ideal summer wine.

Recommended to accompany the following dishes: canapés, Asian dishes, fish, poultry, vegetarian dishes

Grapes: 100% cabernet franc